Work from the archives

Welcome to my archive.
While these pieces are not available on the website anymore, please do get in touch if you have any questions or queries about the pieces.

The placebo effect of jewellery

Without really noticing it, medicine started to become a very important part of our lives that sometimes even controls them. Taking pills became a habit like eating sweets. Missing out on one can turn our lives upside down. Topics such as the mass consumption of pills and the worth we give to them are displayed in my pieces.
With each of my pieces I want to tell a different story about the consumption of medicine in the modern day. This collection is designed to give thought provoking impulses. People should start thinking about certain topics when seeing my jewellery, but also feel great while wearing it.

Body Collection


This collection is inspired by a selection of images I have found in a book. The book is called ‘Heaven & Earth’. I have selected microscopic images of the body as my inspiration. The collection started out as just 9 rings but it develops into more than just rings and includes earrings and cufflinks too.

Work from university


  1. Inspired by a text from Rousseau about human’s desire to extend. The desire to extend oneself, one’s knowledge but also one’s power. Rousseau says that man’s desire to extend can turn into something evil and can even provoke wars. With this necklace I want to symbolise what can happen if you desire too much and what people would do just for a little bit of power.
  2. These pendants are bought as chocolate truffles without the customer knowing what is hidden inside. The wearer has to eat the chocolate first and can then wear the jewel.
  3. How can you keep a beverage warm without using electricity or fire? This device can keep your tea and other beverage warm with the help of sunlight.
  4. Offering your help and letting people know you care is most often helpful enough. Inspired by the sharing of bread in church, this necklace can be used to show the people around you that you care. Offer your help by breaking a piece away and share your necklace.
  5. This necklace is inspired by ‘Crystal Mountain’ a story written by Barbara Maas for the 3 City Storytelling project.
  6.  The necklace is made from porcelain and will show it’s beautiful pattern in time. The more you wear it the clearer the pattern will be seen.
  7. Inspired by the fern growing on the Ravary three rings emerged out of silver. Each ring symbolises a different phase of growth.
  8. Having children and grandchildren is something you can be very proud of. With this brooch you can show off your beloved and precious relatives. With each child and grandchild this brooch can be extended. It is possible to add more elements as the family grows.