Judith Peterhoff x Ecologi

It’s Earth Day!

Sustainability and ethical jewellery making are at the core of my business values. As part of my continuous efforts to build a more sustainable practice, I’m excited to announce that I have partnered with Ecologi. Ecologi is a platform that allows individuals and businesses to take action on climate change. Ecologi fund reforestation and carbon reduction projects around the world. 

As a small independent business, I am committed to reducing my carbon footprint and taking responsibility for my impact on the environment. I believe in changing the world in little steps which is why I have partnered with Ecologi. I cannot only offset my carbon emissions but also contribute to reforestation efforts that have a positive impact on biodiversity and local communities.

Your purchase matters

I’m happy to say that with every purchase of my jewellery, you can now make a tangible difference in the fight against climate change. Every tree planted helps to take carbon from the atmosphere and provides important habitat for wildlife. In addition, reforestation projects often have economic benefits for the communities where they are located. They provide employment opportunities and support sustainable agriculture.

Judith Peterhoff Earth Day - Taking climte action

Check out my forest here

We plant trees with Ecologi

Ecologi carefully select and monitor the reforestation projects, in addition, I can also choose which projects I would like to support.  This ensures that I have a say in where our support goes. I will receive updates on the progress of my contributions and be able to share that information with you. You can then see the impact your purchase has made.

Keep taking those little steps

We are all responsible for the Earth we live on and it’s important to take action on climate change. No matter how small. By joining Ecologi I feel better about my carbon footprint, the long journeys some of my materials make. The environmental impact I therefore have.

By purchasing jewellery from me you are not only getting a beautiful heirloom but also contributing to a more sustainable future.

Thank you for your great support, I look forward to making your jewellery and making a positive a positive impact on the planet.

Would you like to start your own forest?

By joining via my referral link below, we both receive 30 sparkly trees!