A&W bespoke initials engagement ring in 18ct white gold with 0.50ct brilliant cut diamond.

I have to admit, this was one of my favourite commission to make! My customer Willi approached me with a very special commission. He wanted to propose to his girlfriend Andrea and had an idea in mind. He wanted a bespoke initials engamgent ring! You ask, what is this? Well, I made this word up, cause I’ve not seen anything like it yet!

The idea was, Willi wanted to include his and Andrea’s intials somewhere in the ring. We met up to discuss what options there were, I sketched while we were talking and came up with a simple but very efffective idea. The tips of the A and the W would be setting the stone. From the top view, the ring would look like most engagement rings, but when you looked at it from the side you would see their initials.

Willi knew from the beginning that he wanted the ring to be 18ct white gold and a 0.50ct brilliant cut diamond. I showed him a few different quality diamonds. I handcarved the setting in wax and got it cast in 18ct white gold. The setting was then put on a square band.

He proposed to Andrea with the bespoke initials engagement ring and of course, she said YES! I couldn’t be happier for them!

If you also want to propose to your girlfriend with a unique engagement ring that has your initals in it, just send me a message via the enquiry form below.

I love bespoke commissions and working closely with my clients.

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When I met Judith to talk to her about an engagement ring I had apart from the material and that Andrea’s and my name or initials W A should be seen no idea whatsoever! After Judith had made some suggestions to me, we quickly agreed what the result should be.

When I held the ring for the first time in my hand it became clear to me that it was an absolutely unique piece. Not only because Judith had made it by hand, but much more because the idea behind it is truly unique. From above, there are dots that hold a diamond. But on the sides, our initials give the ring a very special meaning for the engagement. It will not work with most other initials. W and A fit together perfectly.

Dear Judith, thank you for the great realization of a special idea and the craftsmanship and very good execution.

Willi Senden

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