What to do with your unwanted Christmas presents

Happy new year folks and welcome back to the real world. You may have spent the Christmas season stuffing your face with turkey and Brussel sprouts (or not? I personally love them, but I know lots of you don’t), having a bit too much-mulled wine and ripping lots of gifts from friends and family. We all know, no matter how much someone knows you, they can sometimes buy you gifts that are… not so suitable. And it’s not that we’re ungrateful, I’m certainly a supporter of anti-consumerism and think that the thought is more important than the gift. But no matter how grateful we are sometimes we receive gifts that would be better off re-homed or repurposed.

We’re all too polite to ask the person who gifted us to swap the present, that would just be mean, and no one is that mean unless you’re Uncle Scrooge. There is another way! Especially if you want to keep your gift for sentimental reasons. Don’t let it sit at the back of your cupboard gathering dust, turn it into something you really love! So, not talking from experience (ahem, love you family!), here are some ideas to help you with what to do with your unwanted Christmas presents.

Top three things to do with your unwanted jewellery gifts

Repurpose your jewellery:

Repurpose it! You may not like the necklace or earrings they’ve given you, but you may feel a sentimental attachment to them and be reluctant to rid of it completely. So why not turn it into something you do want? Believe it or not, I can melt your gold or silver jewellery and turn it into  a new piece. You may wish that necklace was a ring, or the earrings were a pendant. Simple get in touch, give me your items and I can melt them down and turn them into something completely new!

Customise your jewellery: Customise unwanted Christmas presents with my bespoke jewellery service in North London

So you LOVE the thought of the jewellery piece that someone has gifted you but wish you could change something about it. Why not customise it? Get in touch and I can turn your item into a bespoke piece of jewellery! Whether you want to simply resize it, add an inscription, a dash of colour, include a jewel or even turn it into a completely new item, I can help! Drop me a line with a photo of your unwanted Christmas presents and what you would like to change and I’ll come to the rescue. Check out some of my bespoke jewellery items here.

Regift your jewellery:

Okay, so the gift isn’t quite your style, but you’re sure someone will love it. If it’s one of my pieces, get in touch and we can discuss options, I wouldn’t want you to have a piece of mine you’re not 100% happy with. If it’s from a different company you can always get it resized (I can help you with that) or customise it before you regift it. Everyone likes a random, after Christmas extra gift! Just make sure you don’t give it back to the same person or you’ll be in trouble.

I know it sounds ungrateful to talk about unwanted Christmas gifts, but I think it’s much better to repurpose or regift your jewellery than to leave it unworn! After all, a fairy dies every day your jewellery goes unworn, didn’t you know that?

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